Posted by: Bike Rider | January 10, 2009

…and so it begins.

A few of us (whom shall remain anonymous) have embarked on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet.  The winners from 2006 are back and poised to repeat again this time around.  However, they are going to face some stiff competition from several returning participants and from the new kids on the block.

Let’s be honest…this will not be easy, especially during the winter months when my ability to get out of doors to exercise is contingent on the weather and my attitude.  Couple this with a hectic work and home schedule and I am already starting to think twice about this contest. 

I need some motivation…and I need it in a hurry!

My wife has ‘agreed’ to help me with my tasks.  Essentially, she will be my alter-ego when it comes to eating.  Sadly, she can not police me 24/7, which means I am left to my own devices when I am not a home.  Man, this is really beginning to sound tougher by the minute.

Ok, Mike…focus!

My goal, of course is to win and supplant the defending champions.  That’s a tall order to say the least-but not an unreachable goal.  Be that as it may, even if I fail to win the overall contest, I still believe I will still win regardless.  Beyond the extra mass I will be shedding, I feel it’s an important victory to achieve a positive outcome when attempting to improve one’s health and well-being. 

Come April, when the start of the riding season begins, I hope to be lighter and more fit than I have ever been in the past 25 years. 

My goal is not only to win but to loose.

Best of luck to the other competitors…you’re going to need it!


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