Posted by: Bike Rider | December 8, 2008

[WCCC] WCCC Board Broadcast – Membership Renewal Offer Message To All Members

A few more details on the Membership Renewal Offer:

1. The clothing vendor will be the same as last year Louis Garneau. If you need to get more information check out their website

2. Women jersey will NOT have elastic at the waist.

3. The Membership can be renew by USPS (mail) or by web.

a. USPS- From our home page click on <Membership> from the menu bar. Scroll to the bottom of the page, Click on the Membership Application link, print the form, fill in all information and mail.

b. Web-Log on to the site using your e-mail address and password.  Click on <SHOP> from the menu bar. Then click on the <Add to cart> button next to the WCCC Renewal Membership 2009

4. All clothing prices are on the web site.

Thanks for your continued support!

WCCC Board of Directors


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