Posted by: Bike Rider | September 3, 2008

Trauma…after the ride!

Any cyclist will tell you, riding on the road or on a trail has risks.  Whether it’s the form of a motor vehicle or a tree, we all know danger lurks around every corner.  So, image how I felt after returning from a seamlessly uneventful ride only to injure myself as I entered my house.

Now, let me tell you, it take courage to admit you’re a klutz, especially to your peers.  It’s not that I have two left feet.  On the contrary-I consider myself pretty fleet-of-foot.  Playing full-contact sports does have it’s advantages.  In fact, I attribute my sense of balance and my cat-like reactions to reducing the amount of pain I could have suffered from this ordeal.

I just finished a ride and was getting ready to bring my bike in to the cellar of my house when it happened.  My house has storm doors that lead down a rather precarious flight of steps to the cellar.  It seems whomever built these steps had little or no knowledge of rise over run.  I know this because no two steps are the same height or width.  Okay, the house is 90+ years old, but even back then a good mason knew how to build steps.

As I said, I was bringing my bike in to the cellar via the ‘steps of doom’ when my foot slipped on the concrete step sending me down on my butt and sliding against the masonry wall.  Just to let you know, I never dropped the bike.  However, my left arm, specifically the tender flesh under my left bicep didn’t fair as well.  I came down against the wall with my full-weight as my feet slid out from under me.  All this time I was holding the bike upright trying to prevent it from rolling out-of-control in to the basement.  A petty amazing feat I might add!

Besides my left arm, which resembles a leave of red lettuce over a bed of blackened rice, I also landed on my butt and took a hard hit to my elbow.  Oh..I also must have went into a spread-eagle position because my groin is quite sore.  Did I mention the bike was fine?

My arm is sore and discolored. My butt will have a nice, deep bruise on it and my ego was a little banged up, but overall, I learned a valuable lesson. “Take off my cycling shoes when bringing the bike in to the basement.”

Seems simple enough and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than pouring new steps.


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