Posted by: Bike Rider | June 1, 2008

Somedays are better than others

Come on, we all have them: bad rides!  Well, Saturday was my turn.

My ride was so bad that my shadow was moving faster than I was.  My legs felt like stone and the bike felt like it was made of depleted Uranium. Each hill felt steeper than the one before as I tried to maintain some sort of rhythm and cadence.

Pain radiated from my joints with each pedal stroke as I plodded along desperately trying to enjoy myself. Sweat poured from under the helmet stinging my eyes, adding to my misery.

 Then, as if the cycling gods had taken pity on me, a great thing happened.

No, I didn’t become ‘Lance-like’ and started riding like I’m in the Tour de France nor did I all of the sudden become this super-human hill climbing machine, able to flatten a 20% grade hill without breathing heavy.

No, something even more amazing than that.

I glanced for the inventible car-back in my helmet mirror and noticed a low-slung black object approaching at a high-rate of speed. Transfixed, I scanned the road ahead briefly and quickly looked back in the mirror. Now the object, a Spyker C8 Spyder is only 100 yards behind me and moving into the other lane. The aural sounds emanating from the tailpipes thumped my chest like a bass guitar solo at a Van Halen concert.

Another car, a burnt orange Lamborghini Murcielago flies past me.  The growl from the engine slaps me in the face as the shock wave pushes me to the side.

The next beast, a silver and black Audi R8 down-shifts into a lower gear as it streaks by.  A throaty burp from the quad pipes pepper my ear drums.

Two more follow the chase.

With its unmistakable red paint and V-12 scream; a Ferrari F599 tags closely behind the German Supercar

Finally, some American muscle appears in the form of bright yellow Callaway C6 Corvette.

A huge grin sweeps across my face.

Suddenly, my legs stopped hurting and I have a bit more ‘up’ in my cadence.

It’s not everyday that $1.3M worth of exotic automobiles share the road with you, much less have slow down to pass you to avoid blowing you in to a ditch. 

Today, however, was one of those days.  Lucky for me it was going to get better…



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