Posted by: Bike Rider | May 1, 2008

The 2008 riding season starts on May 3rd!

This weekend is a busy weekend for the WCCC-It marks the Official start of the 2008 riding season for the club.

Speaking of Starts:
The starting location for Saturday morning rides moved to Gay St and Hannum Ave.
Starting times have changed too, with rides beginning at 8:30 am.
Start introducing yourself to your groups.
Starting Saturday, Riding Waivers will available at HotFoot for non-members who wish to ride in club rides. All non-members MUST sign the waiver or they can not ride with us (for liability reasons).
Starting immediately: no helmet-no ride!
All rides start heading DOWNHILL on W Gay Street and not at the top of the lot.

The forecast for Saturday morning calls for a 30% chance of showers-so use your best judgment if you decide to ride.

Ride Safe-Ride Smart
Mike Van Ryn
WCCC Ride Director


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