Posted by: Bike Rider | April 12, 2008

Fire all the Meteorologist!

Look, I’m not schooled in Meteorology-I can hardly tell the difference between a Cirrus and a Cumulus cloud, but come on, how can you guys totally miss with today’s forecast? I mean, really? You have huge computers, Doppler radar, sophisticated charts and graph-but still you totally screwed-up. Showers? None Not even drop of rain fell the entire ride. In fact, at some points when the sun came out, it was actually hot. So, I recommend firing all the Meteorologist and hire old farmers armed with tattered old copies of the Farmer’s Almanac.

Now, on to the Taxing Metric…

The ride was very nice-if you use the word nice to describe pain and agony. Seriously, aside from some minor cramping while climbing Pumpkin Hill, I felt pretty good today. No, I didn’t ride the fastest nor did I climb the best-but I did finish it. Oh, before I forget, due to a minor navigation error (actually, I missed the big white arrow painted on the road) I added about 7 more miles to my ride. You say only 7? Well, since my error put me in the town of Birdsboro (which, by the way is in a valley), those 7 additional miles were mostly climbing out of town. I finally made it back on course, albeit slightly embarrassed, but no worse for the wear.

Lesson of the day: Follow the arrows!

All in all it was a great day to ride.

Until next time…

Mike V.


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