Posted by: Bike Rider | April 6, 2008

Coming soon: The Taxing Metric-April 12, 2008

Despite the fact that I still feel woefully unprepared for this ride, I’m still planning on riding it.
My goal is to ride the full 66 miles without my legs cramping like they did last year.
How do I plan to do this?
First off, I think I’m in better condition than l was this time last year.  Riding over the winter kept my endurance level up.  Additionally, I incorporated more hill work into my rides-something I surely did not do last winter.
Secondly, I will be drinking an electrolyte replacement along with my Accelerade sports drink.  I used this mixture during the Icicle Metric last weekend and did not experience  cramping in my Quad or Hamstrings.  Encouraged, I plan to mix another batch of this elixir for the Taxing Metric with the hope of a cramp-free ride.
Finally, I know what to expect this year.  Last year was the first time I rode the Taxing Metric.  I went out way too fast and bonked out early.  I should have stopped at the ½ way point and called it a day, but I didn’t.  Boy, that was a mistake.  This year I hope to pace myself better for the first loop to save my legs for the second (more difficult) loop.

For those who have not had the pleasure of riding the Taxing Metric-here’s a link to the map and elevation profile.


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