Posted by: Bike Rider | March 8, 2008

March Madness alright!

This weather sucks! 

Rain, rain and more rain.  Almost 3″ of rain is expected to fall over West Chester.

Even when it stops for a few minutes, it still is raining.  Did West Chester mysteriously move north to the same Latitude as Great Britain ?   Granted, we’ve been pretty fortunate so far with the weather this winter, so I guess I shouldn’t complaint.  But dang, my street looks like the Panama Canal-except for the cruise ships.  But who knows, maybe one will sail down the street on it’s way to the Delaware Bay.

I hope to lead  a ride tomorrow assuming the roads are dry enough to do so.  I expect plenty of debris and water, so I’m probably not looking to make it a fast ride.  Never the less, I am chomping at the bit to ride.  Since I will be out of the country next weekend, I need to ride even more.

Soon, the temps will be in the upper 80’s and the humidity will be unbearable and we’ll all be sweating like pigs just sitting in the lot waiting for everyone to show.  So, what’s wrong  with that?  Right now, that image doesn’t seem so bad to me-as long as it doesn’t rain!


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