Posted by: Bike Rider | February 15, 2008

Mid-Winter update

Just a few words on what’s happening with the WCCC.

1.  Several WCCC Ride Leaders recently completed a 2-night course in CPR and First Aid.  While we hope never have to use it, it’s nice to know what to do if we have to.

2.  Winter rides are still attracting many riders.  We’ve been lucky with the weather so far the season.  It seems the snow/sleet/rain happens early in the week and not on a Friday or Saturday.  Soon, we’ll be praying for cool weather again-but until then, the die-hard’s keep on riding.

3.   A few words on safety.  Please call out debris or holes in the road when you see them, especially when riding in a pace-line.  The roads are littered with gravel, salt and other debris as well as wheel-bending pot holes.

4.  Speaking of wheel-bending;  MTB riding is moving in to high gear.  Contact Dan Sabella or Scott Olmsted for more information about local rides, especially the East Bradford site.

5.  The Icicle Metric is a little more than a month away.   This ride historically marks the beginning of the riding season.  Visit the View Rides page and click on Century Events for more information on this and other Century rides in the area.

6.  Give your bike some loving.  I know, Valentine’s Day is over but you should give your bike some loving-especially if you have been riding over the winter.

  • Check you tires for cuts and other damage.
  • Clean and lube your drive-train
  • Clean your wheels
  • Inspect brakes-replace if worn
  • Wash your bike.  Indoors if possible and dry thoroughly before riding to prevent frozen cables.

7.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…enough said.

8.  As the temperatures start to moderate and Spring approaches, you can still experience hypothermia-even on days when it’s in the 40’s.  Dress appropriately.

9.  Have fun and ride safe!


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