Posted by: Bike Rider | February 10, 2008

Year-End Party

Well, it finally arrived-the WCCC Year-End Party held at the West Chester Elks Club on Saturday night-and I must admit, it did not disappoint.

Viktor was MC for the evening and we were entertained by another one of Tony O’s great cycling montages.  This year he focused on actual riders as apposed to rider’s anatomy.  Regardless, the video portion of the program was well done.   Great Job Tony!

During this time we dined on roast beef, chicken, pasta and mixed veggies.  Oh, and I almost forgot-free Iron Hill beer.  Viktor gave everyone instructions on how to vote for the best Male/Female Bottom Bracket award.

After dinner, Viktor and Michelle talked briefly about the state of the club and the contributions it has made to the local community.  Personally, I was impressed with the scope of influence this club has and how involved it is locally.  I guess we’re more than just a bunch of spandex-clad cyclist.

Next came the awards portion of the evening.  Sadly, I can’t remember specific awards and the specific winners, but it really doesn’t matter-every award was well deserved and rightly earned.  I am truly proud to be a part of this organization and associated with quality people who care about their communities, their families and themselves.

In the end, the event went well.  The food was good, the service was prompt and the company was great.  I look forward to next year’s party-I’m sure it will be even better than this one.


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