Posted by: Bike Rider | December 17, 2007

Be aware of the driver of this van

On Saturday, the “B” group was verbally assaulted by the driver of a white Dodge Sprinter cargo van, similar to the one in this picture.

  White Dodge Sprinter

The license plate is a PA tag ending in xxx-5901.(The first three are letters, but I do not remember them.)
The driver was very rude and shouted explitatives while passing a group of riders on Camp Linden Road. Further on Camp Linden, he actually stopped his van across the road and was waiting for us as we rode towards him.

Please DO NOT engage in a verbal exchange of words with this individual-simply ride past him and do not make any gestures or eye-contact.



  1. Mike is being kind. The driver verbally challenged us to fight him after parking his van at an angle across the middle of the road. The group had to single up to pass on the wrong side of the road. There was no other way around. His extreme agitation for no apparent reason made for a very bizzare encounter.

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