Posted by: Bike Rider | December 13, 2007

Winter riding tip #2-Your bike

Staying warm can be difficult enough when the temperatures fall during the winter. You layer your clothing, wear gloves and booties, make sure your face is covered, but what about your bike?

Here’s a few things to check prior to doing a winter ride:

Tires and tubes-cold air in the tube is more dense which means your tires may seem underinflated or soft. Make sure you inflate them to the manufactures specifications. Check the surface of your tire for any cuts or dry-rot.

Cables-Any moisture in you cable housing will certainly freeze and make braking and shifting difficult or impossible. Spray WD-40 (Water Displacement) on cables and in the housing to repel moisture. Also, avoid storing your bike in warm, humid areas then moving it quickly outside. Allow your bike to cool prior to exposing it to the cold.

Chains-Maintaining your chain not only means crisp shifting but it meand reducing the likelihood of the chain from dropping or binding during shifts.  In the winter, the lubricant used in the summer may junk-up and become gummy. A wet lube or syn lube will work well for most applications.

Brakes-Brake pads are made of rubber and are subject to the effects of dirt, salt and other foriegn materials. Keep your wheels clean, especially your rims. Clean regularly with warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. You can use denatured alcohol to remove any oils from the rim. Replace your brakes if they are excessively worn or damaged.

Ride Safe!


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