Posted by: Bike Rider | November 10, 2007

Winter cycling

(this is wrong on so many levels!)

Winter Clothing Suggestions

These items will help you thru really cold biking weather.

Shoes: Look for wind proof and water resistance shoes, like…

Socks: Thick Wool Socks

Gloves: Windproof is a must, these work well…

Head: Balaclava…

Pants: Windproof front panels work well when the temps go below 28°…

Shirt: Long sleeve moister wicking types

Jacket: Windproof front panels and pit zips for venting when you warm up… or

Other tips: Use Vaseline on your cheeks and ears to retain moisture and protect against windburn. A little in each nostril will reduce the likelihood of nose bleeds due to the dry air.



Windchill Temperature Index Table:

Cold weather riding tips:


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