Posted by: Bike Rider | November 6, 2007

2008 WCCC Jersey!

The votes have been counted,
The numbers have been crunched,
The chits have been accounted for
and the winnner is…

We will be riding in this fashionable and useful
bright-orange Poplin Jumpsuit
made of a breathable, light-weight polyester/cotton blend.

This stylish jumpsuit features

  • Zippered front to allow flow-through ventilation for maximum chest hair exposure
  • ‘International Orange’ coloring-similar to those worn by prisoners at the county jail.
  • Several pockets to store your ‘stuff’
  • Attrative matching belt with solid brass buckle for added comfort
  • Extra wide collars to hold your bling-bling
  • Snazzy embroidered crest or sheild on the front
  • Comes in Sm, Med, Lg, XL, XXL and 3XL
  • Women’s sizes available via special orders

(see what happens when you cheat!)



  1. If he turns around does it say CHESTER COUNTY PRISON on the back?

  2. That’s funny-unless you have to wear one.

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