Posted by: Bike Rider | September 14, 2007

Terror of Teaberry Ride

We are planning to do the Terror of Teaberry Ride on (Date is being pushed Back). No we are not doing the race it is our own ride that we are planning. Currently all of the seats are taken on our Sports Group but if others want to start their own group and lead a ride there on the same day that would work out great. We can pass along the info that we have as well as the GPS data to follow on the trail.

Our group is doing the 28 mile run with a few stops but mostly will keep moving. We are planning to ride this trail system now since the race would have been two weeks before so the trails will have a good fresh cut to it making it easy to see. We also want to beat most of the leaves before they fall. So if you want to lead your group up there for a ride let me know and I can pass the info along to you. Have Fun

The Terror of Teaberry is one of the hardest trail system to ride in the area, so be prepared for the Rock Gardens.

Dan Sabella


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