Posted by: Bike Rider | September 9, 2007

Cycling in Chester County

John D and I posted a ‘Training” ride for Saturday, but only one brave soul actually signed-up for it. So we decided to tag-along with Ed, Julie and Libby and their band of happy riders.
Okay, the pace was more relaxed than I remembered, but I kept telling myself, “This is where you started last season and everyone waited for you.” With that mantra replaying in my mind, I began to settle in with the group. Sure, it was tempting to sprint ahead and ‘dash’ up the hills, but to what end? These folks enjoyed riding at this pace and who was I to think differently.
With 17 riders weaving their way through Chester County, I couldn’t help to think about the pure joy cycling brings to my life.
I guess I’ve been a life-long athlete. I ran track in high school, threw javelin, played semi-pro football and was a power-lifter in the Air Force and was on a Flag Football Team until my late 30’s. I’ve run 5K and 10K races. I been riding MTB for over 10 years and road riding for 2, but nothing (except for playing football) gives me the rush and joy that I get from cycling. Yes, I loath climbing hills, but I understand the physics behind (no pun intended) why hills are my Achilles heel.
That brings me back to my ride yesterday with the C+ group. At no-time did I feel out of place with this group. Nor did they think I was there to teach them how to climb better or hammer on the flats. I was there to ride with a fine group of people on a beautiful Saturday morning in September.
After all, they enjoyed cycling for what it is: pure and simple fun. It’s that knowledge that keeps me coming out week-in and week-out.
Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this wonderful sport again!


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