Posted by: Bike Rider | September 1, 2007

Ride Follower’s Report: B+/B Ride #2

Started with 12 riders from the lot and picked-up 2 more on Wawaset Rd.-then lost 3 at the barricades on Creek Road. Ended up with 11 riders total.
John D, what happened? I saw you saddle-up after we regrouped, but then you were gone. Did you finish the ride with Michelle’s and Jeff’s group (Group #1)? Sorry my friend. I slowed on Modena hoping you would catch us but I guess you went another route.
Back to the ride:
Ok…so I must admit, the hills were killing me. When we climbed Harvey’s Bridge and I knew straight away that I was going to be struggling. The first half of the ride was hilly too, which didn’t make me feel any better.
Some of the riders in my group were very strong riders (I think they were “Super B’s” in disguise). No matter, several riders hammered through the middle miles of the cue sheet. I was told there were some wrong turns but eventually everyone regrouped and we rode together from Friendship Church Road. We stopped to fill our bottles at the pub on Springdell when we saw Group #1 overtake us.
Note: Rte. 841 is a mess. They are resurfacing the road and it is quite nasty. I recommend staying off of it until it’s paved. Then it should be smooth and very fast!
The remainder of the ride back to WC was your typical B+ ride: Fast on the flats and fast on the hills.
I am not sure what the avg. speed was for lead riders in my group, my avg. speed was 15.6 m.p.h. I assume their avg. speed was well in excess of 16 m.p.h.
Thanks for a great ride everyone!

Mike V.
aka Bike Rider


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