Posted by: Bike Rider | August 18, 2007

Ride Leader’s Report

Wow! What a spectacular day to ride! First off, let me apologize for any typo’s since I’m still feeling the effects of the Bourbon Porter from IH!
I took 11 riders out on cue sheet #103 about 5 minutes behind the B+ group lead by Christiane.
Randy “Happy Hour” Roday pulled strong for the first 15 miles. I had to remind him that this was “B” ride and he graciously slowed down. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t another rider who stepped up and hammered. We played cat-n-mouse with the Jeff’s group on our way out-they went down Wilson, we climbed Rosenvick (which is St. Malachia’s alter ego).
At the Turkey Hill in Cochranville we had the opportunity to meet one of Cochranville’s upstanding citizens (I believe he was on the Work Release Program from the State Penn.). Anyway, this POS told us to “get this s**t off the sidewalk” as he and his <> wife walked by us. Lucky for him we were clad in spandex or a SERIOUS butt-whopping was about to commence. Sadly, two of our bikes were worth more than the bucket-of-rust he was driving. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce!!!
Now that we recharged and refilled, and had a good laugh at the expense of our Rhodes Scholar friend, we headed back to WC.
Everyone took turns leading as we enjoyed an absolutely beautiful ride.
The group split as we turned onto 842. We decided to forego a few of the remaining roads in order to crank it down 842.
Our total mileage was around 52 and our avg. speed was 16.8
GPS data:
Some of us mustered the strength to climb a bar stool at IH and consume some frosty libations.
Great ride everyone and thanks for joining our group!



  1. Where was everyone on the way back? My sandwich and Pepto kicked in, mmmmm.. When are we doing the Iron Hill Tour between all the Iron Hills.


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