Posted by: Bike Rider | August 1, 2007

Creating cue sheets from Map My Ride

Many have asked; “How do you create a cue sheet on Map My Ride?”
Well, it’s quite easy and painless (like climbing Davidson in your big chain ring).
Seriously, here’s the fastest way to create a cue sheet on Map My Ride:

  • Create your own or select a route from the thousands on Map My Ride
  • From the Drop-down Options, select “Notes”. A dialogue box appears. Select Print Notes and away you go. You can print to paper or create a PDF with Acrobat or similar another program.

  • Post-it on the WCCC Rider’s Blog or e-mail it to Frank Dulin and he’ll post it on the WCCC Webpage.

Note: if you select another rider’s route, they may have mapped it incorrectly and therefore, the cue sheet will be inaccurate. Also, sometimes when you do not use “Follow Roads” under Map Settings, the cue sheet waypoints will not plot correctly.

Happy Mapping!

Bike Rider


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