Posted by: Bike Rider | July 28, 2007

Ride Leader’s Report: B+/B Ride

We started this ride with 9 riders. As we headed into the mist, it was apparent that today was going to be very hot and humid. Another advantage to leaving at 7:30 AM is that you miss the heat of the day.

Right before climbing out of WC on 842, one rider turned around and headed back to town. We pressed on with 8.

The group stopped in Kennett for a much needed hydration break (thanks Juan!).

The ride along Creek Road provided much needed relief from the heat. We experienced several micro-climates as we rode in and out of the shade and along the water.

The ride deviated off Rte. 52 as we took a right on to Center Meeting Road to Rte. 100 North (again, our goal was trying to avoid riding the blazing heat of the sun).

Ted and Mike stopped at the Wawa at Rte. 1 and 100 in Chadds Ford to wait for another rider. They we told to ride on and not to wait. We hope he made it home okay.

The others took off towards WC along Creek Road. Eventually we all met at the top of Rte. 842, sweaty, hot and tired, but satisfied to have another great ride under our belts. By the way, we were back in town by 10:30 AM! Yet another advantage of leaving early.

Total distance: 43 miles
Average speed: 17.1 m.p.h
(yeah, that’s ‘technically’ an A- pace, but cut us a break, it was hot today!)

Great ride everyone!


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