Posted by: Bike Rider | July 16, 2007

MTB Fair Hill Race Results

This is the race results from the Fair Hill MTB Race this weekend. There were 594 racers in all of the categories and I am surprised that there was only 30 DNF (Did Not Finish) This was a Big Race. Below is a list of WCCC members that attended.

Sue Mrugal (WCCC colors) 1st Place for “Sport Women II” Yes she did it again. This is Sue’s third 1st place win this year. Great Job and she rode most of it with a loose cassette.

Dick Sabo
(WCCC colors) 3rd Place for “Sport Master II” This was Dick’s first MTB race and to finish in third is a Great way to get started. Way to GO!

Marty Mrugal (WCCC colors) 5th Place for “Sport Vet II” I would hate to see how Marty would finish if he didn’t race the day before! ?? This Guy has some legs!

Jeff Ziemski 5th Place “Sport Single Speed” Jeff’s time was unbelievable and to power it on a single speed! Dam Good! There was only a 2 second difference between him and Martin. It must have been a dash at the end! I wish I saw that!

Bob Perna 5th Place “Super Sport 40 +” Bob Past me yelling “Go Iron Hill”, then he faded away from me as I tried to keep up. Great Job!!!

Chris Jackson 6th Place (Wearing WCCC socks) “Sport Master I” Chris has really got this racing thing down. He has been finishing 5th or 6th in most of the races. Soon he will get those 2nd and 3rd place win’s.

Kevin Coombe 7th Place (WCCC colors) “Advance Vet I” This was Kevin’s first MTB race and did really well for his first race. Great job! Keep it up Kevin!

Dan Sabella 23rd Place (WCCC colors) “Sport Vet II” Well I felt ready, no mechanicals, had some cramping but everyone had that. Next time I plan to switch plate numbers with Marty when he is not looking. I wish I had an excuse!

Tony Finding 23rd Place (WCCC colors) “Sport Single Speed”. Tony didn’t want me to put his placing down but I know people would find out. Besides Tony had some mechanical and brush with some yellow jacks. Two Flat Tires in one race can take 15 to 20 minutes of your time. You did Great Tony, I would have tossed the flag down on the second flat, but you hung in there to finish.

Mike Ging 33rd Place “Expert Senior” I thought Tony had it bad, but Mike takes the cake on this one. He ran over a yellow jacks hive. He got stung 20 times in the first 15 minutes, then a flat from a tear in his side wall of his tire and somehow he still was able to finish. Great Effort!

Finally a special thanks goes out to Kim Dubeck (WCCC member last year). She saw that one of our WCCC members was in need of a tube during the race and she stopped and handed one off to them. It was the fastest hand off I have ever seen it seem to take all of three seconds. Kim was in front of me and we came across Tony and she yelled out to him what do you need and bam she quickly helped out. Thanks Kim from all of us that raced J

Dan Sabella
WCCC MTB Ride Leader



  1. Outstanding Job for the folks in Purple!
    Congratulations to everyone!

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