Posted by: Bike Rider | June 26, 2007

Valley Forge Ride

Happy Independence Day!!!
I am planning on leading a ride to Historic Valley Forge Park on Saturday morning. The distance is longer than the posted cue sheet since we have to bypass Mill Road (the overpass is missing).
For those of you who have not had the pleasure of riding to VF, it’s a really nice ride. There are some hills to climb and a wonderful flat road to stretch your legs on.
Weather permitting, this should be a GREAT ride.
Look forward to riding with everyone on Saturday.

Pace: B/B+ (14-17 m.p.h)
Distance: 44.1 miles
Difficulty: 4.5
(1=easist 10=hardest)

var mmf_type = “ride”;
var mmf_border = “1px solid #999999”;
var mmf_route = “04fd613cfdc988e3b36a8b9b25953ef2”;
var mmf_width = “100%”;


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