Posted by: Bike Rider | June 21, 2007

IMBA Road Ride

IMBA Road Ride

Here’s why you should consider this-even if you are not a MTB rider:
1) You will have a great ride on generally great roads with great riders!
2) We leave from Downingtown at 7:00AM
(leaving from D’town is 16 total miles less at an easier pace)
3) You will have a nice break and eat PB&J sandwiches and bananas for lunch
(so, in reality, the ride is really two short rides with a 3-hour break in between).
4) You will be representing WCCC in an important way.
5) Because, as of 6/21/07 there is not a “B” ride posted on our webpage.
6) It’s for a good cause


  1. The training on creating substainable trails and trail maintentance was excellent!
    The ride to and from Downingtown was tougher than expected, especially when you have to follow Viktor and Christiane up the hills in French Creek Park.

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